Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get to choose my meals?

Absolutely! We offer over 30 options for you to choose from. We are also working on adding more meals and specialties every week.

Are your meals frozen?

No, our meals are delivered fresh, never frozen. Our meals are packed in a refrigerated box and shipped to you! When your package arrives, simply unload and place your meals directly in the refrigerator. When you are ready for a meal, all you have to do is microwave it for about 1-2 minutes.

Do I have to be home to accept the delivery?

Yes! We deliver on Saturdays, Mondays & Wednesdays & will soon be offering next day delivery. Our meals need to stay refrigerated so make sure to put them in the refrigerator when you recieve them to keep them nice and fresh! Please let us know if you would like to postpone a delivery a day before.